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3 Responses to Comic 439 – “Reversal”

  1. The dejected look of comic Debs makes me want to hug her. I will probably hug real Debs next time I see her to cheer her up and she won’t even know why. 😛

  2. Poor Debs.
    Also, why was I never informed of this musical? I would have WALKED to Toronto had I been informed. Who cares if I totally bombed JulNoWriMo this year as well as FAWM? :’c
    I was going to ask you, Error, if you could do the instrumentals for a song I’m writing for a novel study for my English class, but since nobody told me about this musical I’ve decided against it. Hmmmph.

  3. Whitless was even playing Terraria without to you!

    Well then you should have let Debs draw the weekend comic! Debs drawn comics are in very low supply right now! 🙂