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Comic 451 – “Reel Trailer”


Errol: Yes! The Monkeyman show Headshots and Healing Potions is tonight!

Our triumphant Fringe show – returning for one night only!

The Imperial Pub, 54 Dundas Street East, Toronto
Friday, October 12th, TWO SHOWS – 7:30pm and 9:30pm
Admission $10 to either show
Controller jockeys unite! From arcade to console to MMORPG, from Zork to Rock Band to Mass Effect 3, Monkeyman Productions brings you a series of short plays and monologues exploring the lives of video game fanatics.

You’ll be taken to an old-school text based adventure, and to the latest in co-op battlefields; you’ll see the digitized world through the eyes of n00bs and pros alike. We’ll explore love, sex, feminism, and the generation gap in gaming, and take a trip through the best and worst that the art form can offer. We’ll even take a crack at sorting out just why it is that video game movies never seem to get it right.

So drop a few quarters into the slot, stop by for either show, and join the party! Tickets available now for pre-order through (online ticket orders include a small surcharge to cover Paypal fees) – get yours before we sell out!


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And the trailer I’m in for the REEL Asian Film Festival? You can see it here!


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