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Comic 519 – “Chibi Totoro”


Errol: I exaggerated in this. I really only have 3 Totoro’s and a fourth one that is half way done. 😀 Yes, Lyf, I am making you TWO just like you asked. That’s it, no more knitting Totoros. 😀

And for those of you on, you can check out my profile and add me as a friend! 😀 Here are a pick of the first three!

Debs: Here’s my profile on Ravelry. I knit normal things 😛 I love now knitting has its own category now.

Chibi Totoro - Still can't get those eyes right.
Chibi Totoro – Still can’t get those eyes right.


9 Responses to Comic 519 – “Chibi Totoro”

  1. If only it were possible to make Totoros out of tortillas. I mean, who could resist saying, “Tortilla Totoro?” It sounds like a song title. 🙂

    • Sounds like a fun song, I’d give it a listen. Though with that name, I’d rather it be about a Totoro that MAKES tortillas. I mean, how cool would it be, going to buy tacos, and in the kitchen, behind the counter, you catch a glimpse of a Totoro being aided by soot sprites? Mind you, I wouldn’t actually EAT at that restaurant, but I’d be a frequent loiterer.

  2. (i know Errol, silly prove you are human thing!!!)

    AHHHHH sooo cute 😀 love them!!!!! ♥
    My fav is the bunny eared one in the back 🙂