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Comic 524 – “Booked”


Errol: Crazy, so many things we have to get ready for. We still haven’t practiced the song voted for. I don’t know how we’re going to do it. Oh well. Anyway, tonight is the Fan Fiction: Star Wars show! We’re playing a few songs but by the sounds of it, there will be wall to wall geeks, so all good.

And yesterday, we were officially put on the CON-G’s website as guests! How exciting is that! We may even do PANELS! Huzzah! I want to do a Miyazaki Panel. Maybe even a song writing panel. We’ll see. 😀 I know I’m doing a panel with Manpans, so that’s exciting! I don’t know if it’s secret though, so I won’t say anything.


18 Responses to Comic 524 – “Booked”

  1. Twitter/Ravelry stalker girl cheekysu here… I’m not yet brave enough to mention knitting on my blog. But I do have this scarf started for my sister, and she’s already complaining about the colours, so it’s sure to be a real winner!

    My “proof” thing was “_ – 5 = three”. I put in 2 and then realised that I’m even dumber than I thought.