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Google Hangout Tonight – Leezet Party

Hey all!

So, Manpans gave me the idea that we should hang out with Leezet on Google Hangouts. Who’s in?

Day: Today
Time: 10pm EST

Click the link to join:

Or watch if you’re intimidated:

19 Responses to Google Hangout Tonight – Leezet Party

  1. Oooo I’ll be going out earlier but 10 pm works for me. Er.. well we’ll find out if it works since I’ve actually never used my webcam before lol.

  2. I’m sorry but I can’t make it- much as I’d love to wish Lizette a happy birthday in person, that’s 3am on this side of the pond, and I can’t manage that.

  3. There is a scheduled broadcast there. So YouTube is correct.. Hangouts can broadcast right though YouTube as live events..