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Comic 587 – “Origami”


Errol: Manpans had to remind me of this. I made a box. I like origami. I like making boxes for some reason.

I met someone there that knew who I was from NaNoWriMo. That was cool. I didn’t get her name though. I had my Debs shirt on, so they could pick me out.

… Oh crums. That’s what I should have done. Should have swapped our shirts in this comic. Bummer.

Manda: I would have loved to try some origami, except I was trying to keep it calm for my doomed panel. And this panel just wouldn’t end. They ran ten minutes over. It was the only time our extremely helpful con volunteer didn’t show up to shoo everyone out of the room. Was Errol helpful? Nope. Was I beside myself with crazy person worry that he would quit being my creative partner altogether because origami was more fun? Maybe. Opening Night Brain Manda is crazy. Also! New blog! Again about Errol. I should really just make the blog about him. But there are too many games to talk about.


8 Responses to Comic 587 – “Origami”

  1. Wrong comic number Errol- this should be strip 587… And if you haven’t already started on the plans I suggested for strip 600, you really should…