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Comic 601 – “Hard Song”


Errol: We have our 2nd Anniversary Gig Monday 8th with Nerds with Guitars. Debs wants to perform “How To Play Catan“. I am so doomed.

Debs: I’m trying to learn some of the verses so I can cover. I keep saying “mutton” or “nothing” instead of “mountain”. * Sigh * I had it this earlier. The second verse is the really impossible one that I can’t get my head around. It is a really hard song.

16 Responses to Comic 601 – “Hard Song”

  1. It’s a helpful song! We played it over and over during game night last month. It’s actually a MUCH better tutorial for how to play the game than any videos out there on YouTube.

    Though we forgot about the distance rule when we started…

    • 😀

      That’s verse 2b:

      “Roads go on hex edges but settlements are tricky.
      Placed two roads away from other settlements and cities”

      • Yeah I hadn’t understood that at first… after we realized we were doing something wrong and looked up the distance rule, we caught that reference.

  2. I don’t even play the game and I listen to that song all the time lol. It’s a fun song to listen to. 🙂

  3. Slightly unrelated, but that cover/promotional image on the side of both your faces combined is really creepy. Like, excessively so. I think I’m going to make it my iPod background.

    I tried to play Catan once on the app but it is hard and hurt my brain. I’ll give it another try some time.

    Also, Camp NaNo! I’m a few days late, but this time I won’t fail because I’m busy watching NaNoMusical for the tenth time in a row!

    • * Bwahahahaha * If you do, send us a snapshot 😀
      Huzzah, NaNo musical! We watched some of it last night!
      And you should definitely give Catan another try 🙂 If there’s anything we can do to untangle it for you, let us know.

    • It is so creepy I totally love it!

      And I still haven’t done anything for Camp Nano, but I did join the #Nanochat on twitter last night! 😀

  4. I told my friends to listen to the song. They still don’t get it.
    Then I linked them to “What is NaNoWriMo?” and they still don’t get it either.

    >.< I need new friends.

    • Bwhahahaha! Poor friends. You COULD have them listen to one of our songs that’s a bit more palatable to normal people. 😀

      Don’t worry, my poor wife is a completely normal person who doesn’t understand anything I do. 😀