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Comic 612 – “Winky Face”


Errol: You know, this was difficult to keep to our normal standards. I may have slipped a bit. Is this a conversation we had? Yes.

Manda: This conversation totally happened. I am a freak-bag. Poor Errol. And yes, I don’t know what it is about that stupid winky face, but it makes me run for the hills the moment someone sends it to me. I’m pretty sure I almost cancelled a couple of things due to the presence of a winky-face. I wish I’d been in my twenties back in a time when the winky face didn’t exist.

16 Responses to Comic 612 – “Winky Face”

  1. I’m pretty sure the winky face always existed Manda, it’s just evolved over time. Though this does explain the fb post now. XD

    Errol not asking about dating. That’s… shocking lol.

    Hmmm animals…. Debs would be a songbird of sorts. Maybe a Mockingbird since they continuously sing and have like 200 different songs to cycle through or something like that. Errol… is tougher. I could liken him to a chipmunk but that seems insulting. *ponders* Ah! Errol is like a pack of hyenas, where even though there’s only one of him you can feel surrounded at times. XD Plus he laughs and smiles a lot.

    I.. love wolves and dragons and while I would like to be one I think ultimately I’d want to be a cat. Sit around all day, eat, sleep, and be worshiped and adored but those serving me. Lol XD

  2. I’m going to apologise now Manda, on the grounds that winky face is one of my default choices, though I generally don’t mean it in a creepy way…

    I think in terms of animals Errol would probably be some breed of small dog- one of the ones that is always barking and seeking attention. (alternatively if we allow fictional creatures he’d probably end up as the pokemon Exploud)

    Debs I’d have difficulty placing- I’ll try and get back to you on that one later today.

  3. Most people DO have an animal in mind when it comes to me. 😀 Seems I’m easy to place because I’m a living caricature.

    I don’t know what Debs would be. I would probably put her as a cat… maybe for the same reasons that Jezbel says…

  4. I still see Errol as a human version of the dog from Up. Debs is a Peregrine Falcon. It is probably rather inevitable that I be a turtle.

  5. LOL
    “Can I come and watch the awkward”

    Dr. Errol – observer of human nature?

  6. I’d be an American Black Lab. Tall and acts like an excitable kid and is great with them. Loves and loyally protects his family. And is easily distractable.

  7. Errol = Chihuahua? Nah, cause I don’t actually like dogs, lol. Maybe a humming bird? What else could be that hyper? Does a Ninja Turtle count, because we already established which one he is… But I think probably a parrot or a mynah bird. Can talk for ever, sings, and like any good otaku – repeat things ad nasuem!

    Debs = Maybe a butterfly, flitting from one thing to another, flying tauntingly just out of reach of Errol. Or maybe a Narwhal given how rarely she appears, and how excited we all are to see her. Or maybe an owl, sitting and watching over everything that goes on around her before choosing where and when to act….

    Manda would be one of those super awesome looking turtles that make you realize where all the epic myths of super powerful turtles come from through out so many cultures. Because when she stands and has confidence, she is awesome, but she can also draw back into her shell when she feels unsure.

    Me, I’d be a wolf. No question whatsoever. I’ve never had a flying dream, but I’ve had running dreams, with a pack all around me, welcoming me. Wolf.

  8. Errol would be a yapping little dog. Debs would be a deer that prances gracefully. Manda would be an alpaca… I think.

    I would probably be a monkey or a cat.