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Comic 643 – “Guidebook”


Errol: Today is towel day, so I will be bringing my towel to Anime North and no one will understand me. We will also be doing a bunch of stuff at Anime North! A Creativity Panel at 11am. The Ghibli Panel at 12pm. Geek/Filk music at 8pm and a song writing contest, and open filk.

Then on Sunday, I think I’m helping out with a Uke Jam. So much fun! 😀

And yes, we lost Debs’s music binder.

Debs: Debs: I found it! I did have it – I’m so sorry that I made you look. I was so sure that we gave it to you! And this app is the coolest thing ever! I think I’ve got everything scheduled on it including your Ghibli panel.

9 Responses to Comic 643 – “Guidebook”

  1. I’m going to have to depend on you guys for the app. I don’t even know what my schedule is. There’s a way of logging in and finding it, but you know what? There’s NO WAY TO LOG IN unless you hunt through five hundred old e-mails and find the exact one that casually links to the log-in page. My brain hurts.

    And I shall have my towel today too. And my Star Wars T-shirt. If I could have found an artificial sprig of lilac before today, I would have had that as well. I take Geek Pride Day seriously. Well…that’s not entirely true. But I do know where my towel is (not my schedule, though).

  2. Otakon has an app like that also. they started it a couple years ago. Not as helpful as I would have thought but that’s usually because I wind up not going to what I planned lol.

    Also.. I just promoted you guys on the Otakon boards. They have a Matsuri on the Thursday before the con and were looking for acts. They hinted they have things lined up for this year but I posted about you anyway jic since they wanted different acts from what they would usually look for in the main concerts and such. XD

  3. I LOVE the Guidebook app. Whenever I go to a con that uses it, it’s so much easier to have my schedule planned out and be able to find where the rooms are. It even automatically updates when anything changes! Sometimes they list out the menus for the hotel restaurants as well as give the names and addresses of other places in the area. Orycon has never used Guidebook for their schedule yet, but last year someone said that they were looking into it. Maybe this year? *crosses fingers*

    I love my iphone, data plan and all. Before I got Kaylee, I thought I only wanted a phone to make calls; I never imagined I could feel this way about a phone. But if you really don’t want to go that way, you could always get a device like the ipad or ipad mini. The wifi versions don’t need a data plan and you can still download apps such as Guidebook. It won’t automatically update without being online, but I think most hotels have free wifi at least in their lobbies. I generally prefer to have my guidebook on by ipad (Bob) anyway because the screen is so large and pretty. Those hotel maps are so useful when they’re big 😀

  4. I was proud. I got up and my wife and two little boys were all in their towels with no prompting. I’m so proud..

  5. Oh and Errol – even if you buy a smartphone out right, you can’t activate it as a phone without the dataplan. The reason is that even the old phones had Internet access and you couldn’t stop it from being used that way if you didn’t use the official app to get online. So the smartphones would use the network anyway if if it wasn’t authorized. So at least down here, you aren’t allowed to even activate it as a normal phone without a data plan. It’s very annoying.