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3GP- Episode 27- Geeky Urban Legends

Join us at 8pm EST! We are finally ALL BACK TOGETHER and will be discussing geeky urban legends!

3 Responses to 3GP- Episode 27- Geeky Urban Legends

  1. There will be a rant from me later on the subject of announcing Matt Smith’s departure from Doctor Who- I just don’t have time to write it before I need to leave for work.

  2. I wrote a whole post yesterday about how touched I was, thanking all of you. The internet ate it. It was really awesome and thanked you all a ton, though.

    Happy birthday, Jez. (Didnt know if my text at midnightish went through, so want to claim first here, jic)

    • Thanks! 🙂 Yeah I got it, I was just asleep at the time. XD

      On the subject of Matt Smith. I didn’t mind him as the Doctor, but I always like seeing who’s next. But I agree with Manda in that the fandom and their reactions are getting annoying. I wasn’t around for Tennant leaving so I assume it was the same with him. Though I will say I didn’t know so many people liked 11 so much. XD