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Comic 650 – “TTC Randy”


Errol: Two months ago, I signed up for the monthly metropass, which allows me to take unlimited transit in Toronto. Since the Head Office is at the station where Manda lives, I asked her to hand the form in form in for me.

This month, it didn’t get mailed, so I went to the Head Office to ask for a replacement.

Now, the above comic is not exactly true. I had another teller and as I was giving my information, I hear, “I know Errol.”

I look up with this stunned look, and the other teller beside my teller was smiling at me. I was confused, wondered how he knew me and I stammered out a response.

He tells me he was a fan (as above) and I think I gave him this most dumbfounded look. *laugh* I almost didn’t believe him. But I started talking to him and he gave me his name, Randy, and then I remembered where I met him, surprisingly enough. I don’t normally remember names, but his face and name brought me back almost two years ago when I first met him at the Simian Showcase! In fact, Randy helped fund our first CD!

I was all excited to meet him again and I started talking as I always do, poor guy.

He then tells me that he did see Manda with my form but didn’t talk to her. I mentioned that he should have because Manpans is 10 times shyer than anyone and that would totally freak her out. *laugh*

Other people, however, are a lot kinder to Manpans than I and Randy didn’t want to do that.

It was totally an unexpected encounter and I think my teller thought we were strange. But it was exciting and fun! Thanks for the random meetup, Randy!

Debs: Okay, I have to admit that is pretty cool. Almost as cool as a stranger (now my friend Alan) coming up to me at Imperial and saying “I totally saw a video where the girl was in that exact shirt you’re wearing.”
Whitless: That’s so crazy! What’s even more hilarious is that Randy recognized me while I was handing in ERROL’s form…I probably wouldn’t have gone catatonic, but I definitely would have freaked out in secret :D. Small worlds!

10 Responses to Comic 650 – “TTC Randy”

  1. That’s so fun! Does he read the comics? Hi, Randy!

    Being similar in nature to Manda, I think I would have been too excited about being randomly recognized to freak out completely. However, from experience, I know that I would have fumbled all over my words when trying to talk and felt like a complete idiot after. Yeah…good thing I’ll never be famous.

    But hey, it’s still awesome that he recognized both of you!

  2. That is so cool!

    I work at a library in a shopping mall, and sometimes people will randomly come up to me in a grocery store or restaurant and talk to me as if they know me. I’m absolutely wretched about recognizing faces, so I generally feel horribly guilty when I’m standing there talking to them while having absolutely no clue how they know me. Generally I just try real hard to fake it until they give me a hint, then it’s funny to see them at the library the next time.

  3. Finally managed to get out and see Star Trek: Into Darkness today, and it was all the better for you guys having kept 3GP spoiler light on that topic- thanks very much guys.

    • I have to watch the last half of that episode to see what you guys think…

  4. Hi Kristi! lol this feels…odd-ly awesome and revealing on the internet. My memory is creeeepy. Or its just that I don’t actually know all these people I ‘know’ in Toronto. I probably would’ve talked more if I didn’t have my own customer at the time.

    and I totally served some guy with a Totoro wallet the next day and thought ‘Does he know Errol?’, but realized you probably don’t all know each other 🙂

    also, after seeing Headshots and Healing Potions in that small ‘room’ at the Fringe, one remembers Manda.

    • Hi Randy!!! Welcome to the comic! You got to see Headshots and Healing potions?!? AWESOME!!!

  5. Okay, that is too cool! Hi, Randy, welcome to the madness. Have you seen the indigogo?

    I got recognized by a customer once when I was outside of work. That was odd. I always used to give these over the top elaborate greetings, kept me going at work, and more importantly, made the guests smile. Then obe day I walk into an ice cream shop with my mom and someone belts my greeting out to me before I even made it fully in…. It was startling, but amusing once I caught on.

    In other news, still on my ipad, so please excuse the spelling errors. Thinking of naming the new laptop “Dravia”, in one of my books it means “live long”, not sure if it is made up, but maybe it is an auspcious name anyway. My mac is caramel. What do you think, Dravia? Chrestomanci? Something else?

    • Maybe name it GLADoS, in the hope that whatever you do to it, it’ll be “Still alive”…

      • Roflolmao. I would point out that with a name like that, I’d want to kill it all the time… But lets face it, it’s a computer, that’s kind of a given…