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Comic 655 – “Not Here”


Errol: I hope I can go tonight! Must remember to wear my Totoro pin!

And some of you may be wondering why I would need Debs to be physically here in order to put her in the comic. She doesn’t, but I need an interaction. However, our schedules don’t allow it! When I’m online, it’s usually when she’s working. And when she’s online, I’m not. Sad state of affairs.

[blurb name=debs]Yeah, the time difference makes it hard too. I’m usually off the computer for the day before the comic’s done, so I have to be all retroactive. Lesigh.

17 Responses to Comic 655 – “Not Here”

  1. Do a comic of Debs’ adventures on the farm. XD

    I have a ‘Not Here’ situation also now as my parents have now left for PA and I have the house to myself for the summer. Yay…. and also oh no. Now I’m waiting to see what the house will do to me this year. I think Lore is the only one here who knows of my house disaster stories, but basically houses HATE me when I’m alone in them. They rebel and attack. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be eaten one day. XD

    • We were thinking about this!

      Thing is,

      1) Debs has no time to write up/give me scripts.
      2) Most of my comics are conversation based
      3) I am focusing on knitting and drawing people for the indiegogo perks. I don’t have time to draw more random people that Debs runs into just for kicks and giggles. 😀
      4) I play a lot of video games that eats up time too

    • Do you have a cat? They are very good at dive-bombing the invisible gremlins and chasing them out of every nook and crany. I have a theory that their purring creates a subsonic wave which persuades soot goblins to seek hearth elsewhere.

      • Heh yeah I have a cat, but she doesn’t really help with that stuff. XD It’s happened in multiple (well.. two) houses over the years and it’s always when I’m alone for a long period of time.

        Let’s see… when I still lived up North first my dryer broke, which wasn’t too bad considering. Another year my heating broke. I had sewage backup in my basement that I didn’t know about for weeks since I have no reason to go down there. Finally I got trapped in my house by ice for a few days. Once I moved to Florida the air conditioning broke (in a brand new house than had been used sparingly before I moved). Then there was the war the frogs declared on me, basically there were hundreds of them all around both entrances to my house. I started carrying a hanger so I could flick them off the door. The same year somehow despite having a pest service, some roaches got in my house and also a wasp mysteriously got into my garage despite the door not being opened for days. Last year my water softener broke and almost flooded the garage. *thinks* I’m pretty sure that’s it so far. XD So yeah stuff that could happen any time but ALWAYS happens once I’m alone in a house.

      • Wow, that is a truly impressive (and frightening) list! The Frog Plague sounds especially visual. Where are flocks of insane birds when you need them?

        The closest thing that has ever happened to me occurred a couple months ago. Each night for about two and a half weeks, I would hear this loud skittering in the wall right behind by head when I was trying to sleep. No one else in the house ever heard anything, but it sounded like something with very long fingernails was trying to scratch through the drywall and into my skull. We tried putting poison pellets in the attic, but it didn’t seem to help. Then, just when we were going to get an exterminator to look, it just stopped. But I think it might be back – I could have sworn I heard *something* earlier today. Again right behind my head, even though I was in a different room.

      • That sounds terrifying. I already sleep with music but if that were me I’d have the tv on too.. and possibly some lights lol.

        So I discovered what one (and I hope the only) attack of the summer is. My dad had built a fountain in the lanai (sort of a screened in porch for those that don’t know). It has a plastic tub in it to hold the water and there’s plants around it and such and it worked well. Then he decided to buy two feeder goldfish and tossed them in the tank to see what happened. Well… they lived and thrived and grew double their original size. So of course they left yesterday and I’m the one who has to feed them now. (Which I am not thrilled about since I don’t like fish and was sure they would die over the summer). The tank is hooked up to a filtration system that also drains and adds new water in. So yesterday I go to feed the fish and the water level looks low. I figured it was cycling so I left it alone and checked later. Yeah… there’s about maybe 1/3 of the water left. So I get in touch with my dad. He’s stumped since everything should be working. I put some water in and wait overnight since he assured me it should fill. Guess what… it didn’t. So I go to fill it. Of course we have the worlds most complicated hose system since we also have plants and a garden hooked up to a irrigation system. So I used a watering can. Now I’m waiting to see what happens with the water level and if there is a leak. Oh and the fish… still alive. XD

      • Yikes. Yeah, I’d be reaching for the watering can, too. Good luck! As long as nothing dies, though, I think you can claim it as a win. And as long as the water isn’t pooling anywhere and spawns an elder god…

        So far, I haven’t heard anything more from the Thing in the Wall, but my cat was jumping around and mrawwled at the space where I last heard it, so I gave her some treats and am hopefully calling it good.

    • Oh it is! 🙂 Until the house attacks.. then I usually can’t wait to have other people back in the house with me. XD

    • It’s an art. XD I’m quite good at it now since they also like to invade the crevices of my car. Damn frogs…

      • I’m usually too busy screaming and trying to keep them from hopping IN my car to take pictures lol.

        I’m also pretty sure these fish are doomed. The water stayed but I guess it was too much cause now they’re both hovering at the top due to not enough oxygen. I turned the fountain back on but I’m not sure if it will be enough or even how long it will go since it’s continuing where I stopped it yesterday. Ugh. I absolutely HATE belly up fish. They creep me out. 🙁

      • Well the fish are still alive and no longer appear to be suffocating after having the fountain on all night. However the water level went down again. Ugh. Luckily it’s not too low this time.