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Comic 669 – “King’s Ascent I”


Debs: Hehe. King’s Ascent king is fun! Thanks to the Aqualuft team for letting me steal artwork!
Errol: What? I don’t guilt! I have many vices but I don’t guilt! Well, I don’t seriously guilt. I mean, I guilt manpans… but that’s because it’s fun.

11 Responses to Comic 669 – “King’s Ascent I”

  1. Oh my what lovely artwork! How did you do that?

    And in answer to the mouseover… it’s obviously Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

  2. Yay for Debs comics! And so very pretty 🙂

    My current console gaming obsession is Tales of the Abyss. My friend has gotten me hooked, but we can only play when she brings the system to my place. She went on vacation this week, and I’m going into withdrawals…

    For RPG gaming, I’ve been reading the Dresden Files core book and have been putting a character together. I’m just about crawling out of my skin wanting to play, but my DM (who loaned me the book) isn’t sure if we can actually get one going. Oh, the pain!

  3. I’m playing the following:

    – Gnomoria
    – Last of Us
    – Tomb Raider

    The last two with Manpans! ^_^ But… you guys know this already.

    And by the end of today, possibly Skylanders.

    In other news, New computer! Still not set up, but I could read the hover over!

  5. Right now I have Tomb Raider and Last of Us. I’m very hooked on Last of Us, but I play with Errol which means we can only do it once a week! So I play Ratchett and Clank when I have spare time :D.

  6. 1. WarFrame
    2. Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep – a hilarious DLC for BL2. The BL1 characters are playing an RPG with Tiny Tina as the DM. You are one of the figurines/characters the BL1 characters are using. So if you play Maya in BL2, you are Brick’s character for the RPG. As you play, you get the running conversation of the people playing the game. It’s all very meta… All of the game elements are also replaced by D&D counterparts. It’s pretty incredible actually.

    3. And as always Civ IV

    • Oh, I’m watching Cyn and Angel play Bordlerands 2 on right now.

      They’re playing exactly that. 😀

  7. Just beat last of us and LOVED it. Like playing through a really intense movie. Love the characters. Some super scary/intense moments in this one. It was so well done. And Tomb Raider too! The same thing…you get a great connection with the main character(s) in these games.