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Comic 668 – “Unsupportive”

Debs: There will be multiple Debs comics this week! I haven’t heard the song yet. And we picked spinach. So much Spinach! You can check out King’s Ascent here!
Errol: I like baby spinach!
Debs: You do? I assumed you hated everything green!

20 Responses to Comic 668 – “Unsupportive”

  1. In answer to the mouseover question, mine has to be mushrooms- you just can’t beat fried mushrooms in my opinion (this comment made by a significantly oversized hobbit)

    Finally listened to the new song, and ’tis good.

  2. Fave vegetable at the time… potatoes are vegetables, right?

    1 more week and then I’m jetting off to Canada! I’m so excited!

    • Potatoes are tubers, not veg.

      At the moment, a layover in philly. I’d love to go to Canada. Gonna catch a D&E concert? Kari?

      • Oh, I have a layover in New York next week. Eek, it’s only one hour, and my parents are freaking out.

        I want to, but I don’t know. My dad’s going to be dragging me everywhere, even though it was my idea to go to Toronto in the first place. I should go to a concert though.

      • Potatoes may be tubers but they tend to get oversimplified as veg by those with less interest in being exactly correct- as do many other edible roots, tubers, fungi and other plants.

  3. I like how debs fails to use Errol-speak successfully..

    I’m partial to the zucchini/squash/pumpkin spectrum. Though just about anything you grow in a garden is good. Carrots are near the top.

  4. My first choice would be potatoes. I have just been told by my doctor that I can only eat potatoes once a week now at least until I have the baby. This makes me sad. I miss potatoes. I had to give up all starchy foods and it is hard ! So for a real vegetable I will pick peas. I love peas!