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Comic 675 – “Sad Day”


Errol: This comic has been waiting in the sidelines since June 19th. And then I combined it with a conversation from today. Poor manpans.
Whitless: Yup, this happened too. It was a terrible horrible no good very bad day. I should not have played Terraria. I should have done work :D. But I was too sad to. Errol…does not get sadness. But he still has to deal with mine from time to time. Poor Errol 😀

16 Responses to Comic 675 – “Sad Day”

  1. We often joke about Errol’s almost alien perception of the complex system known as human emotions but the truth is I quite often envy his ability to just be happy and content and not be bogged down by sadness or misery.

  2. *reads title on Twitter* Oh no, what happened!
    *read comic* … Why doesn’t Errol get sad!

    Seriously, how do you not get sad?

    • Honestly… it’s my brain chemistry.

      My brain chemistry is pretty darn awesome. And then it’s a feedback loop.

      Happy thoughts lead to positive thinking worldview leads to… constant contentment.

      All those posts on FB about how to be happy? It’s all true. But I can’t TELL you how to get there. I don’t know HOW to get there. I’m just there. If it were just easy to adopt 12 steps, everyone would be happy.

  3. Do you think if I said, “Jesus”, people would groan and roll their eyes?

    To Manda: knock knock

    Oh shoot… I’m still a towel..

  4. To be honest I don’t get sad all that much either. At least not in a way where I identify with being sad. I do have sad moments in correlation with shows, books etc. and mostly at times when I don’t want to be feeling sad. *shrug* I think that’s when whatever sadness I’ve felt decides to manifest. My normal moods are apathetic, annoyed (and other variations of angry), tired, and good (or happy-ish). I wouldn’t really call it happy but I do have my good moods. XD

  5. I cry. Easily. My moods tend to the…. extreme. I can be very very very happy. I think I’ve been bouncy and hyper enough at times to make ERROL tired, watching me. But I also hit some pretty massive lows, whole weeks where I just start bawling without provocation, and have to be all but dragged out of my room. But then, ask nearly everyone, apparently I don’t do middle ground for anything. Seriously, my theme songs are “I’ll be mellow when I’m dead” “I go to extremes” and I try to tell myself “:It’ll be alright” by Superchick is one of mine too, but that doesn’t always fit. @.@