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Comic 694 – “Yay or Nay?”


Errol: For anyone wondering, Devin of Copy Red Leader also has a recording studio: The Pond Studio. We’re recording through him!

And for the record, his setup is MUCH nicer than what I displayed in the comic. Thing is, I’m too tired to draw it all. And yes, the above happened.

Remember, COMIC SUBMISSIONS! I NEED THEM! In fact, I’ll give an extension. Sunday night! DO EET! ^_^

Debs: I have reasons! When Devin and I were recording alone I would give feedback on what I didn’t like about each take as soon as it was over while Cubased looped back. He would write it down and that way we knew exactly where the good ones were when it came time to sort through. There is a method to the madness!
Errol: He gave us specific instructions! I followed them.

15 Responses to Comic 694 – “Yay or Nay?”

  1. I’m oddly proud of those portal cookies. I was pleased on how they turned out. 🙂

    Comic submission… right. I meant to do one this time. Maybe I can work on it while the guy installs my new modem.

    • Ugh! So they have to reschedule my appointment because there is a shortage of wireless devices in the company. So it’s now tentatively Saturday but I don’t have a time yet. 🙁

      • Well I started it at least. Actually I do have the whole thing drawn… just not on the right paper. I decided to do a rough draft and now am wondering if I can get away with the sloppiness. Meh… it’s out of order anyway so I can’t. So I have to redraw and color it in so it’s all neat and nice looking. 🙂

  2. I went to draw a submission for the comic but my “pencil” has lost it’s lead. 🙁 I have to go out and buy more but won’t be able to scan and submit it until Monday.

  3. So I read “Pond Studio” and had to stop until my brain caught up to the fact that it was not the place of business of Amy and Rory. This is what happens to me on so little sleep.

    A submission will be coming, it’s scripted in my head, (well a few things are) I just have to see if my art skills can live up to it.

  4. May need to stipulate a maximum number of takes for Debs- because otherwise you’ll probably still be working on it next year…

    What, me a cynic? Whatever gave you that idea?

  5. Oh my gosh thank you so much for extending the deadline! I have completely forgotten about the comic submissions!