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3GP- Episode 36- Myst

After much hemming and hawing and possible cancellations, we are a go! Join us at 8:00pm EST! Tonight Manda will be flying solo as she talks about her all time favourite fandom…MYST! She’s alone so she needs all the support she can get :D. Tune in!

4 Responses to 3GP- Episode 36- Myst

  1. I’m glad I was able to join for once. It’s difficult to get on the computer at that exact time of night most Sundays, but I popped in halfway through. Then my mom showed up at 8:45 (didn’t know she was coming for sure, or when) and stayed to talk for half an hour, so I missed the last 20 minutes of the show. Maybe it’s a good thing I was completely ignorant on the topic, or that would have annoyed me…

  2. I missed, I’m sorry. I was at my gaming group. Every now and again we do a weekend thing. Sorry I missed, but I did have fun.

    • It was a good time- I’d catch it off the 3gp youtube channel, otherwise you’ll be sorry you Myst it.