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Comic 715 – “Bovine Gig”


Errol: Poor Manpans. She doesn’t like Narwhal once we started making it audience participation. Maybe she’ll blurb on that more.
Debs: Manda doesn’t like Narwhals? That makes me sad.
Whitless: It’s not that I don’t like the song! I do! But when it’s sung in public it brings back memories of Grade 3-6 when we were forced to sing along with hokey kids’ bands. I’ve never liked singing along especially when it’s in a venue like the Bovine :D.
Errol: Wait a minute, I MENTIONED that on STAGE! Don’t you listen to me at ALL, Debs?!


Amy: True, the Bovine Sex Club isn’t exactly where I would imagine catching a Debs & Errol show but it was great! The PG-rated-gleeful-happiness of Narwhal Pet brightened the place up and matched the impaled Miss Pggy doll on the wall to perfection! The show was great and HOORAW for Manda, she did a great job up on stage. Not only did she sing but performed an interpretive dance with a surprising end that included a vulgar gesture towards Errol! Fantastic!!!

5 Responses to Comic 715 – “Bovine Gig”

  1. The main chorus line of this has been stuck in my head for the past couple days. Well on and off. Not that this is a bad thing.

  2. I….am a little creeped out just now.

    Oh, but to the two people I sent here, if you see this before the day changes) HI!!!!!!!

    Errol, I sent people here because we were playing Catan, and I had no speakers to put on the Catan song. When they show up, link them the Catan song!

    Oh, Trek episode I watched last night, Picard was trapped on a planet called Kataan. Same pronunciation. Then I got to play Star Trek Settlers.