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19 Responses to Debs & Ja-mez haz a Birthday!

  1. I did consider putting Ja-Mez through some sort of superhero origin story and giving him the superpower of hyphenating words, but I-saw the er-ror of-my-ways.

    *looks around all shifty eyed*

  2. I shall now share the celebratory birthday greeting of my particular brand of academic.

    Joyous feliciations upon this the anniversary of your emergence into the world! May your entropic rate of decay continue to be slow in the coming solar cycles and may your rate of inebriation during any and all festivities be inversely proportionate to the amount of currency you expend.

    This has been a “pad out your sentence to meet word count requirements” birthday greeting. Happy Birthday!

    • Some of us don’t need to help nature along- in fact, I need to get out in the next week or so and see about reclaiming parts of our garden from the overgrowth- particularly those parts of the overgrowth that are brambles…

    • That was hilarious! I wouldn’t have been much better than Errol in dealing with plants. XD

    • about Errol is never allowed to plant anything ever again. Do you know how many potential spidey plants you killed when you snipped off that runner? 😛


    I had plans and I had tons to do but… this was my first weekend back at work and I fell asleep at the wheel, so I’m sorry. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!