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Comic 722 – “Hamilton Trips”


Errol: We were doing more recording things in Hamilton and on the way back, we were talking about dancing and that reminded me of 80’s songs, and I had this in my CD player!

HUZZAH! I love 80’s songs!

Everyone else… not so much.

10 Responses to Comic 722 – “Hamilton Trips”

  1. That was genuinely Manda’s reaction. It was…a bit disconcerting to be hurtling down a dark, narrow street while our driver flailed around in the front seat.

  2. My main musical influences from the 80s come from just one genre- punk, which results in me having Beastmaster’s Cry directly after Basket Case by Green Day on my MP3 player (mostly because mine defaults to alphabetical order, and I don’t know how to set up playlists on it)… Makes for an interesting juxtaposition though…

  3. Ha, THIS song I actually like! And a few other 80’s songs. But Errol taking his hands off the steering wheel to flail about was a bit terrifying.

    • AGREED! I would have been scared to death peeling strips out of the car seat and the door. You have my sympathies! We can be scared together and never let him drive again. :: nods::

  4. I could actually see Debs singing and flailing as much to these as Errol.. (Ok it’s mostly inspired by the “First Page” video but I can see it in my myyyyiiinnnd)

  5. I also get freaked out when I’m in a car and the driver is making with the flailing. I’ll never be able to drive, so I’m always a passenger, and I’ve gotten all argh-y when people are doing everything with their hands but driving. One time I actually took my mother’s sunglasses out of her purse so she couldn’t put them on while she drove. She wears regular glasses so she has to take those off (without which she’s practically blind) to don sunglasses. I refused to relinquish them until she pulled off to the side of the road.

    But big Yays for ’80’s music!

    • I do that all the time for whoever is driving. I hold the frozen yogurt and load the spoon, I hold the other food, I open the drinks, I dig in the purse, I send the text. Whatever it takes to keep the driver focused on the road.

  6. Amen! On our last long drive, I was the official “loader of the squeeze-cheeze onto the cracker” person 🙂