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Comic 724 – “Thank you, Hayao Miyazaki”


Errol: His latest film is playing at the TIFF. I wish I could go, there’s no way I would be able to get in though. Oh well, I’m patient. I’ll wait until it’s out in theatres.
Debs: I kind of wondered why you hadn’t mentioned his retirement up until now.

4 Responses to Comic 724 – “Thank you, Hayao Miyazaki”

  1. Google says TIFF = Toronto International Film Festival.
    Is his latest film still From Up on Poppy Hill?

  2. Having tried to teach myself Japanese not once, but twice, I may be able to offer some input on the whole honorific thing.
    San=gender neutral, probably the most commonly used
    Kun=for males of your age or younger, though as you reach into adulthood most just use -san instead
    Chan=for females your age or younger or very young boys, again as you become an adult most will switch to -san for their female colleagues
    Senpai=older student
    Dono=used for samurai warriors, now obsolete but still awesome
    Chi=close friend

    Usually you drop the honorific if you’re best friends or a family member, though with younger siblings or your own kids -chan is still pretty commonly used.