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Comic 724 – “Thank you, Hayao Miyazaki”


Errol: His latest film is playing at the TIFF. I wish I could go, there’s no way I would be able to get in though. Oh well, I’m patient. I’ll wait until it’s out in theatres.
Debs: I kind of wondered why you hadn’t mentioned his retirement up until now.

4 Responses to Comic 724 – “Thank you, Hayao Miyazaki”

  1. Google says TIFF = Toronto International Film Festival.
    Is his latest film still From Up on Poppy Hill?

      • My friend (nicknamed “Bro”) has a theory that even if he does retire this time, that he won’t be able to stay home, but will be at “work” more often than he is now.

  2. Having tried to teach myself Japanese not once, but twice, I may be able to offer some input on the whole honorific thing.
    San=gender neutral, probably the most commonly used
    Kun=for males of your age or younger, though as you reach into adulthood most just use -san instead
    Chan=for females your age or younger or very young boys, again as you become an adult most will switch to -san for their female colleagues
    Senpai=older student
    Dono=used for samurai warriors, now obsolete but still awesome
    Chi=close friend

    Usually you drop the honorific if you’re best friends or a family member, though with younger siblings or your own kids -chan is still pretty commonly used.