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Comic 726 – “Dinner with Amy”


Errol: Huzzah! Thursday nights I don’t normally have dinner planned, so when I heard Amy was free, I begged her to take me along! ^_^ And they had a Narwhal Tip Jar! How Awesome is that? 😀

They also had rows of huge nutella jars. I did invite Manpans, but she was going out for tea with Jen.

Amy: I had a lovely time with Errol! It was nice to sit down and talk over delicious fries. I now know that we have the same straw in pop can method, who would have guessed! Next time I’ll have to try a Nutella chocolate peanut butter milkshake cause I get along just fine with lactose.
Whitless: Errol sent me a picture of jars of Nutella and in response I ate a spoonful of it at home. Maybe next time I can join you guys! Also yes, here is that blog post about milkshakes. Errol gets no pity.
Errol: Anyway, here are the tip jars. I think the Narwhal is winning. Which is good. I helped it a long. Although, I do admit, sometimes I like to yell out “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” There’s is just something potently awesome in yelling that out.


15 Responses to Comic 726 – “Dinner with Amy”

  1. Google seems to think that “Release the Kraken” comes from Pirates of the Caribbean, so unless anyone else knows better?

  2. I got Clash of the Titans also. The 2010 film. Though they mentioned that there was one in PotC also.

  3. Yes, from Clash of the Titans. I am old, after all.

    I remember they showed it in our grade 8 class (I also saw it in theatres).

    Considering it’s not exactly a G rated movie, that was… something for us young boys. 😀

    • We saw it in grade 7. However, it was just a bit too long to get through in class, and the teacher shut it off with five or ten minutes left to go. I’ve still never seen the ending.

  4. I remember watching Conan in art class, not anywhere close to PG rating and yes the boys seemed to enjoy it greatly. What did it teach me about art? I have no idea!

    • In MY Grade 6, 7 & 8 class, we always had to watch the Peanut Butter Solution. It was a Canadian movie from the 80s about a boy who on a dare sneaks into this old decrepit house and sees something so scary that he loses all his hair. Then he’s embarrassed and humiliated because he’s bald and kids make fun of him so he goes back to the house and meets two ghosts who give him a recipe to grow hair back but warn him not to use too much peanut butter, but of course he does and his hair grows back uncontrollably. Then he’s kidnapped by his crazy Spanish/French art teacher who uses his hair to make paint brushes and kidnaps OTHER children to be in his paint brush sweat shop and THEN it turns out the reason he’s so gung ho on paint brushes is because they’re magic and whatever you paint with them becomes real and…wow. This was a crapped up movie. You can find it on youtube believe it or not! I did. The acting is terrible 80s Canadian acting, which is about the worst acting you can get. Also, there was also this Asian kid who played the best friend and used the peanut butter mixture to grow hair “down there” only it wouldn’t stop growing either. That was um…yeah…

      • I should seriously write all of that down and use it the next time my family plays Beyond Balderdash. The whole thing. That would be the best fake movie synopsis EVER, and it’s not even fake! Though now that I think about it, that movie might already be in the game, since they like to use crazy, obscure films…

      • Probably true, but what would be awesome is if I looked through the cards someday and see if I can find the name of that movie on one of them (like I have THAT kind of time). Then put it in front, and the next time we play, I whip out the synopsis, and everyone’s in awe of my extra points!

        That’s a lot of work for a few more points though…but would be totally worth the look on their faces.

  5. I hate humanity. May I please get a refund on my membership?

    We have always had a number of stray cats in the neighborhood, mom and I have been talking about trying to start TNRing them (Trap neuter, release – basically take them to the vet, get them fixed, get them their shots and flea and tick stuff, then let them loose if no one wants to adopt them, so they wont have more kittens.) Then the last few weeks, we’ve seen very few, and we know there should be at least one new litter…. Then walking home today, I passed a van that said in spray paint “One more dead cat dearest poppa”. UGH. I feel so sick. We reported it to the city, but given the lack of response when we called in a medical emergency last weekend, I doubt small animals will be a priority.

    • That’s just sick. Argh. People can really suck. Sorry you had to see that, but good for you and your mom for caring enough to call about it and for the TNR service.

    • That’s awful, Lore. On the first day of school I biked because since the school has to go under construction every summer because back when it was built people didn’t know that you shouldn’t put carcinogens like ASBESTOS IN A BUILDING FULL OF CHILDREN and therefore the first day is staggered-Niners go in the morning and everyone else goes in the afternoon-and I saw an orange and white long-haired cat dead in the bike lane. Poor thing, it must have gotten sideswiped pretty badly, there wasn’t any blood that I could see but its side looked like the ribs just caved in. I cried for the rest of the bikeride, and I don’t even like cats.

  6. I’m the sort who rescues injured mice when I find them. Maybe it’s my way of making up for feeding their brethren to my snake. I don’t know. I just… I get animals dying so other animals can eat…but killing animals just to kill them…?