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Comic 768 – “Manpan Lunch”


Errol: Manpans is in my area today, so we’re having the lunch! HUZZAH! And we will be discussing projects! Projects I have no time for! HUZZAH! Poor Manpans.
Whitless: I might have to do this instead of NaNo. It’s a super exciting prospect. But Errol is pretty much booked up until the end of time and he somehow thinks I can just write this. Yup, I’m doomed. Doomed doomed doomed.

11 Responses to Comic 768 – “Manpan Lunch”

  1. Dear Errol, learn that other people’s time is as precious as your own (especially during November if they do NaNo). Stop trying to volunteer people for things on their behalf, it’s rarely ever helpful.

    • Hahahahaha, true, but to be fair Errol wouldn’t push me to do anything if I didn’t really want to do it. This oppurtunity is kind of my dream job 😀

  2. okay so doesn’t Comic Errol ever fear for his life? IRL Errol probably should start fearing Duct Tape in the hands of the women…actually that could be a reoccurring gag.

    • Most of them would never snap back at him in quite that way… I, on the other hand might, so times like this its a good thing that I don’t live in Canada because it prevents situations involving Errol and a sledgehammer.

      (Sorry, but I really take exception to people trying to find new uses for my time- it should be mine to give, not other people’s to take)

      • *laugh* You, have to give them more credit, MP.

        (Sorry, but you really should give them a lot more faith than you do! Trust me, Manpans is an adult.) ^_^

      • I get that- you just touched on something that’s been a sore subject for me at a time when I didn’t have the calmness to let it go… I apologise for blowing this out of proportion.

    • Well, RL Errol rarely sees these people, most of this happens over phone or chat. The only person I DO see on a regular basis is Alex!

  3. Game script does sound rather awesome. XD Though maybe wait for a slightly less stressful time?