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Comic 782 – “Kari Convos”


Errol: I’ll have you know, I’ve been good. I have not bothered Kari for many days because I know she is crazy swamped with work and responsibilities.

I do miss talking to her though. I love how grumpy I make her in my novel. ^_^

Debs: Don’t worry, Errol, I’ve been bugging Kari 🙂 Before we left I made her give me a couple of her songs to put on a CD I sent off to Dr. Demento because we have funny songs and she has funny songs. Huzzah!

16 Responses to Comic 782 – “Kari Convos”

  1. I’m really interested to find out which of Kari’s songs you’re covering at OryCon… (also whether you’re taking any songs with you from the rest of the Toronto nerd music scene, e.g. Nerds with Guitars…)

  2. You guys are submitting to Doctor DEMENTO?! AWESOME!!!!!!!! I will buy that album!!!

    Btw, Youtube stinks. I can’t comment there until I read the new terms. Stupid Youtube. So I’ll comment here. I love how Rick started singing… I knew it was coming, saw it coming,w as afraid it wouldn’t happen, then BOOM! Singing. Awesome.

    So…um…. how is your WC? Just kidding, 15K is awesome, Manda! !&, nice, Errol!

    MP are you one of my nano buddies? You should be.

    • I am indeed, oh ye with the massive wordcount already… Also, I note that Errol and I make very different clerics- just saying.

    • I’ve read the new terms and it still isn’t letting me comment on youtube…

      I’m waiting for Val to reference “Where were you” in a later update

      e.g. (Accusing- to Rick): Where were you when I was lost on page 2… that’s right you were RIGHT HERE bugging the hell out of me so I couldn’t write a single word!
      (Val storms off- snatching bag of chips out of Rick’s hand)

  3. I only just noticed this now. Though I am by no means through my marking, I have cautiously made myself available on GChat again. Of course, Errol is currently at OryCon, so I expect I’m free for a good few hours yet.

    I did skim bits of Errol’s novel. I am very grumpy in it. I approve.

    I also approve of the way Errol makes me so taciturn in his comic.

    • Any remarks on the possibility of sheepchanging people? Because apparently you wouldn’t polymorph someone into something that wasn’t a sheep…

      • Wouldn’t I? Is this in Errol’s novel? I haven’t been keeping up because, you know, marking. I expect this plot point comes out of some of our recent conversations about the way one always ends up with too many sheep while playing Settlers of Catan.

      • I was intending to use you in more of a general plural sense than you in particular- but it is the only creature that has been mentioned in relation to shapechanging magic.

      • Ah…I assumed it was Kariss because she was the magic user. As you can see, I haven’t been following particularly closely. I glanced at it tonight. There’s a scene with a giant fireball, and someone pees himself twice.

      • Unfortunately, you apparently don’t yet qualify for sheepchanging (since it is apparently an eighth circle spell)