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Comic 815 – “Nice Bandmate”


Debs: I’ve been doing the job searching thing for a while now and one of them is asking for unique cover letters. I thought it would be cool to do one in comic form and Errol offered to help because his comics are more polished than mine and stuff. I draw all my mouths using a trackpad, so that’s not so professional. Then this conversation happened. Errol is still awesome.

7 Responses to Comic 815 – “Nice Bandmate”

  1. Mostly done on my comic submission for the end of the week- having used yesterday’s comic as a template, still need to add appropriate weather effects in the last panel though…

    • It’s a customer support job at Errol’s work’s competition (but they’re friendly) 🙂 I’ve been looking mostly for non-profit stuff and I’ve had a few interviews this week, so I think something might be on the horizon!

  2. Any recommendations on font and text size for the bonus strips, I don’t like the way my text looks currently.