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Comic 853 – “OryCon Recollections”


Errol: Huzzah! Orycon comics!

Debs: Breakfast! It was the guest of honour breakfast! We were driven there by a lovely lady, I am pretty sure her name was Kathy. Liz Gorinsky from Tor and her friend Miki (ahh, spelling!) were in the car too! And I gave you my bacon – you had SO MUCH BACON! How could you forget the bacon? Did I just spoil tomorrow’s comic?

Errol: Honestly, I’m shocked you remember.

11 Responses to Comic 853 – “OryCon Recollections”

  1. On the morning of the second day of Orycon, Comic Debs was tattooing Comic Errol’s forehead with the words “No dating jokes”, and making enquiries of the con staff about locations to hide a body.

    See, I know the difference between comic Debs and real Debs…

  2. Dear Comic Debs, never give Comic Errol bacon unless you know it’s only going to fuel his insanity. His kryptonite clearly is something else….

    and on other thoughts do the 2 of you ever cosplay at conventions?

    • Bacon…

      No, we don’t cosplay at conventions. I would like to Cosplay, but it’s a LOT of work, and I have enough trouble with my keyboard. ^_^

      • I used to cosplay a bit, Matt, long before D&E existed. I still have a few costumes kicking around but the quality compared to what’s out there right now means that they’ll probably stay in the closet. Two Padme ones and a Princess Leia. I’d really like to cosplay.

      • Real Debs as Padme…I don’t think my heart could take that sight of beauty

        and yes there were parts of the Prequels I loved…mostly lightsabers…and Yoda being Yoda

      • Dressing as one would be awesome.

        Making one… would be insanely difficult. I would want to install fans because it’d be so hot in there. 😀

  3. Yay, so happy to see more Orycon comics!

    And I totally think you should cosplay 😀


  4. People have cosplayed AS them, does that count?

    Debs, if/when I ever make it to Canada to visit, I’ll happily help with cosplay stuff, if you want. 🙂