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Comic 854 – “OryCon Breakfast”

Errol: We got to go to breakfast with all the Guests of Honour. I love breakfast. And we got a chance to talk to people too! You may not remember Cecilia and Andy from Comic 800!

13 Responses to Comic 854 – “OryCon Breakfast”

  1. Bacon! I would probably react similarly if someone gave me all of their bacon too. Well… maybe not the marrying part, but close to that. XD

  2. no no no Comic Errol…you’re doing it wrong…it’s when she pulls out the lightsaber and challenges any Sith Lord to a duel, THAT’s when you declare your undying love for her…nothing says sexy geek love like a woman wielding a saber.

    for myself, I’d declare my love for any woman who reads books alot, that’s sexy…then we’ll split the bacon…or skip it if need be.