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8 Responses to Comic 873 – “Hotel Nights”

  1. we must ship ear plugs off to our Princess Debs…then check her bag for Duct tape…it’s for your own good, Your Highness-ness. 🙂

    • Now if you don’t mind, as one of said con roommates reads this strip… I’m gonna go hide on Gaia…. wait… she reads that too. Save me!

      Teasing. She totally doesn’t snore. My music…however…. yeah, no, not teasing, she’s still gonna kill me. 🙂

      • This is why you should use the OOTS forums as well 😛 Gives you somewhere to get away from all the people you know (though if I’m honest, I’m kind of inactive over there right now)

    • Has had for years- just shows how often you scroll down the page to see the link in the sidebar.