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Comic 875 – “No Turkey Bacon”


Errol: Ya, we were getting really close to missing our panel. You can’t sacrifice breakfast! No second breakfast!

Debs: I discovered turkey bacon when Kari and I stayed with my friend Anne while in Ottawa for Can-Con last October. And yeah, I was kind of nervous about missing that panel. We made it though!

5 Responses to Comic 875 – “No Turkey Bacon”

  1. The image for today’s comic isn’t appearing on the home page for me… anyone else having the same problem?

    • I did for a minute, but I did the ‘older post’ then ‘newer post’ and it worked for me. *shrugs* I think that I’m technically viewing the comic in the archives.

  2. Had the same problem until I clicked on the more button.

    somehow this gave me the visual of Comics Debs wandering a grocery store looking for Turkey Bacon while Comics Errol had a shopping card full of bacon. Car loaded with bacon…equipment having been shipped back home via Express.

  3. I was so scared we wouldn’t get you both back in time! I’m normally an obsessive scheduler, and I totally freak out over stuff like that. Glad you made it on time, though! And I completely forgot about trying turkey bacon – I’ll have to see if the store has it next time I go shopping.

    But having breakfast with you guys was awesome! This was my 11th Orcyon, and definitely one of the highlights of my entire Orcyon experience 😀