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Comic 920 – “Taxes Done!”


Debs: Errol hates taxes with a burning passion, so they’re my job. This is the second year we’ve filed for the band, and the pattern is pretty much established. I get to them to the point of near completion a few weeks in advance, then I email Errol a list of things that I need him to look for and/or fill in, and a deadline. Then the deadline passes. Then I prod him a few times. Then I go, “Seriously, I need to file asap” and then gets me the info and I file and I am happy. Then I give him a pretty, pretty form that his accountant can just copy-paste from. 

So they are done. It meant I missed watching last night’s Game of Thrones with friends, but sacrifices must be made.

12 Responses to Comic 920 – “Taxes Done!”

  1. You had to miss game of thrones? And errol continues to live? Call for the headsman! Off with his head!

    • Not his fault though 🙂 I could have made it (especially since my friends started it really late because they were playing Agricola), but I needed to go shopping and cook a few lunches for the week and that stuff, so I just stayed home and watched BSG. But tonight I shall watch Game of Thrones.

      • Rarely, in the Saga of Debs is anything my fault. ^_^

        That would pre-suppose she would actually listen to anything I say!

  2. Next year try confiscating all his Miyazaki stuff until he gets you the information you need (and I mean all of it).

  3. Debs! Your art is so cute!! I lurve your hair squigglies!!

    Also, I haven’t seen Sunday’s GoT either. 😉

    • * Laughs * Noooooo! Because then Errol would insist on writing checks and that would make it harder for me to keep track 😛