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FilkONtario – What is Filk?


This weekend, Debs & Errol will once again be attending the filk convention FilkONtario!

I have been part of this community for almost 5 years now, I’m not too sure how long it’s been. I wrote about my experiences when I went to my very first FKO and you can find my post on their website: “Noob at a Filk Convention“.

However, you are probably wondering, “What is filk?”

This is a question that has a number of posts dedicated to it, but I would say that it is the longest-running community who celebrate fandom through music.

The difficulty is that filk doesn’t sound different from the other genres of geek music: nerdfolk, nerdrock, chiptunes, nerdcore, etc.

But filk is more than a genre; it is a community. People who are a part of filk do not perform, they share. It’s more like an open-mic environment, and if you’re lucky, someone will sing your song because they love it so much.

No one has sung my songs. Heck, they’ll all rush to sing Kari’s songs, but none of mine! *laugh*

Anyway, that’s the difference. When you are a part of filk, there is less of a separation between the audience and yourself. Everyone else has a right to be on stage as well as you. You are part of a community.

It’s similar to an online forum. Let’s say you like LEGO stop motion animation and are very good at it. If you jump into a forum spouting your prowess, people would probably ignore you. Are you there to promote, or are you there for the long haul?

The community aspect and their acceptance of all talent levels is what first drew me to filk, and it is also what drew Debs as well. Debs & Errol has been a part of filk for almost three years now and until they kick us out, will be for some time.

If this sounds intriguing to you, you should check it out! Ask us about it. The con is this weekend and there will be a number of musicians performing! You can come just for the Saturday if you want!

We hope to see you there!

3 Responses to FilkONtario – What is Filk?

  1. Wonderful post, Errol! I hope some of your local followers come check out filk this weekend.

    You write songs for PIANO! Have you noticed how few piano players there are in the local filk community – as in, there’s only you and Leslie! But I’ll bet someone in the Oregon area has learned your songs and you just don’t know about it.

  2. […] But this weekend will still be Ductape Family’s first encounter with the FilkOntario conference.  My daughter is armed with a couple killer acapella songs from the Doubleclicks and Jane Eggers.  I have been polishing a few of my most geeky– jam friendly, chorus laden songs from 15 years of writing.  My wife is eager to meet new people and listen to some great music.  I have been reading about the event from other attendees, particularly Debs & Errol’s post on What is Filk? […]