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#VoteGeek – CBCMusic Searchlight Continues

Round 2

Good grief. We made it to Round 2! We are freaking out here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are supporting us, and that’s so awesome.

For those that are just joining us, we, along with Copy Red Leader, have advanced to Round 2 in #Searchlight, an online competition being held by CBC Radio (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) to discover Canada’s hottest new musical talents.

Will we win? OF COURSE NOT!

Our goal is to get geek music noticed in Canada!

And we need your help! Please vote once a day for up to 10 bands until April 13th!

Step 1: Vote for us using the buttons below

Scroll down to the bottom of the page..

If you click on the below buttons, you will be taken to a page where you will find a blue button that says “Vote for this Artist.” Click that! You can do it on multiple browsers too! Not… that we’re asking you to do that. No. No we’re not.


Step 2: After Voting, Share or Tweet this page!

After you vote, every day, we want you to tweet on twitter or share on facebook with the two tags #VoteGeek and #Searchlight! If you mention @cbcmusic, that’d be awesome!

We’ve even made the tweeting part easy, you can click this link (and you can customize it before you tweet, don’t worry):



Thanks for all the support, folks! Thank you so much!

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