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Comic 935 – “Where’s Errol?”


Errol: I have so much Totoro stuff… I’m so happy. First the mangas, now these, oh man. Totoro Heaven. ^_^

Manda: This is what I heard while cleaning the apartment: “mumble mumble…mumble”….”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

There’s no sight quite like watching a 42  year old man argue with his children about who gets to play with the toys first. Also, for those who don’t know, I’ll be moving into Errol’s basement apartment in…a week and a half!

10 Responses to Comic 935 – “Where’s Errol?”

  1. so who won the argument? the children or the man child? either way I’m sure there were tears shed.

  2. My favourite thing about you guys is that you describe things so vividly that I have a great mental image, and yet I know that the reality is even more amazing.

  3. Someone already got you Totoro stuff from Japan?
    Well, there goes my plan for sending you stuff from Japan over the summer.

    Time to find a plan B.

  4. To answer the question: I recently had a birthday, and a friend made it one of the most awesome birthdays ever. First, he gave me a Serenity comic, plus a comicon exclusive Hawkeye t-shirt, then he had a bunch of other friends and I over to his house for an entire day of gaming. Easily one of the best birthdays ever 😀