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Comic 937 – “Key Hunt”


Errol: Honestly, when my kids get older, I can’t wait to do really complicated puzzle hunts for them.

Manda: Hey, remember when Errol said he didn’t have time to make puzzle hunts? The stupid Myst-phile in me is actually trying to solve this puzzle even when I don’t need to. Stupid Errol. And seriously, you should have seen his easter egg hunt for his daughters. They are going to be evil geniuses when they grow up.

EDIT: I solved this riddle, and in response, Errol decided to make another one and ACTUALLY USE IT. Crap’s sake. I will be moving in some boxes on Saturday and I expect at least an hour to be sent actually hunting for the keys. I am tempted to make an equally difficult riddle for future rent cheques.

4 Responses to Comic 937 – “Key Hunt”

  1. At least he’s being nice to you and is making this one easy to solve. I’m sure he could push you if he tried.

  2. When I was a kid, my mom would make treasure hunts for birthday presents. It was a tradition for a while, and my sisters and I loved it. There would be 4-5 clues and the last clue led to where the present was. They were never terribly hard, but so much fun. Last year, I made the first treasure hunt for my son’s eleventh birthday, and he insisted I do so again this year. I think it will be a tradition for him and my daughter for a while too.

    Solving a riddle to find individual Easter eggs may be a line I’d rather not cross though.

  3. intervene with the one who wields the power over Errol…Errol’s wife!! do all business with her and get stuff from her…she might be able to control the Errol lol