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Comic 972 – “Success!!”


Errol: I was going to do a blog post on Daniel’s campaign, but he’s succeeded! Wow! That’s pretty darn impressive. Congratulations, Daniel! We were rooting for you the whole way! I left uppercase words on your facebook! ^_^

10 Responses to Comic 972 – “Success!!”

  1. OMG, right now I love the two of you so much I feel like bashing your two heads together!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

      • No, not bash you heads *in*! There was this sense of great joy and gratitude and the sudden, bizarre urge to take your two cartoon heads (your cartoon versions) and bang them against each other! Lovingly! Haha, yes, it’s very odd and I can’t explain it!

  2. And I LOVED your uppercase words on my FB page, Errol! I really did. So much. It really felt like you were there pumping your arms and rooting for me.

  3. Debs and Errol: An Apocalypse of Encouragement.
    I think that might be the next album title AND an apt description of the love and good vibes that flow forth from the Nerd Rock Masters we all lovingly know as Debs and Errol.

    Viva la Nerdolution!