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Comic 978 – “Dandy Gig!”


Errol: You know, three years is a long time. A long time of comics. A long time of being a band together. Sometimes it’s fun to reminisce. The same time last year, Debs was away doing farm things. That seems ages ago.

Anyway, remember! July 2nd, Wednesday, we’re going to be doing a gig with the Holodeck Follies!

3 Responses to Comic 978 – “Dandy Gig!”

  1. I assume that, given the trek theme, Tribbles and Make it So will be guaranteed on whatever set list you end up with?

    • Believe it or not, it’s hard to get Debs to sing Tribbles! Of course, if we only do three songs, then that means… Debs can just sing the whole thing with a karoake track and doesn’t need me!! HAH!

      • Depends on what the third song was going to be- I suggest BSG or TIE after TIE…