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Comic 1006 – “Social Media Vacation”


Errol: I’m going on vacation starting next week. I won’t have internet. I don’t know if I should build up comics and make things up… or… what. I’ll figure something out!

7 Responses to Comic 1006 – “Social Media Vacation”

  1. You should totally make a series of comics with your predictions of the crazy things that will happen to you on vacation!

    Though on second thought, I do miss Debs’ Art…

    Ooh, do both!

  2. I’ll also vote for Debs’ comics! And to pick up what Kristi said: How about Debs predicting the crazy things that will happen in Errol’s vacation? 😀

  3. I remember the last time Errol went on vacation with no connection.. All it meant was that he found new and creative time to pop online and tell everyone he found a signal!