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Comic 981 – “Canada Day with Klei!”


Errol: I love these types of games. I knew if I played it, that would be the end of me. *sigh* I put Don’t Starve on my wishlist, waiting for the Steam Sale to bring it down again, and then Jex, who is Brian’s son, went and bought it for me. Thanks, Jex! ^_^

Happy Canada Day, folks! And remember, tomorrow, July 2nd, Wednesday, we’re going to be doing a gig with the Holodeck Follies!

2 Responses to Comic 981 – “Canada Day with Klei!”

  1. That gig with the Holodeck Follies, in any other year (or week) I would have planned a quick trip to see it. (My sis gets married in three days, plus I’m going to Montreal for Osheaga and JFL later this month, so couldn’t really do it.)

    Sounds great though! Happy Canada Day Debs and Errol!