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Comic 993 – “Change”


Errol: Btw, guess what’s happening this weekend! We’re doing ConBravo! Huzzah! Check out our schedule and if you are in Hamilton, come say hi to us! We can talk about fun times, like the current comic arc. Heh. Yeah.

Debs: For some reason, the dark humour in this arc seems to amuse several of my friends more than the regular comic does. I went out of town on a crazy 35-km bike ride yesterday and on the way home, this is what was being read aloud by them in the car. Weirdos.

8 Responses to Comic 993 – “Change”

  1. For me, personally, it’s not so much the dark humor of this arc vs. the lighthearted humor of previous arcs. I just appreciate the honesty, and it’s a nice, temporary shift from the usual happy go-lucky-stuff. Kinda reminds of a certain family-themed comic strip that I used to read in the newspaper many years ago whose title I can’t even remember now. But every once in a while there’d be a serious arc and even in the serious arcs there’d be jokes thrown in, but it was a nice change of pace when done occasionally.

    • Heh, I don’t think I’d do this just for laughs…

      I do find it funny her friends enjoy the humour of our pain so much. *LAUGH*

      • Correction for better word choice: We Shouldn’t blame this solely on Errol… I assure you we are capable of doing so, though it isn’t justified.

      • Oh, if we’re spreading blame, then I blame children. For no reason other than they’re too young to defend themselves.

        Although, in the case of my children, not really…