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Comic 996 – “Energy”


Errol: People keep saying I have a lot of energy. I don’t think I have a lot of energy. I just like doing fun things! ^_^

Uh… we didn’t have any pre-written blurbs for this. We’re also trying to work on something special to celebrate 1000 comics, so we’ve been pretty busy with that too!

Debs: When Errol talked about feeling drained, my immediate reaction was that he should cut back on some band things require a big time commitment on his part and the comic was one of those. I didn’t want him to burn out.

5 Responses to Comic 996 – “Energy”

  1. Shoot, I know this might be blasphemy…but what if you went every OTHER day?
    I think Im much like Errol in how I do many, many, many things.
    Eventually I hit a wall (anxiety). It was not fun. I still battle with how much to do or not do quite often, but I’ve tried to cut some of the “less than great” things from my life.

    /end/unasked for advice/