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Comic 1012 – “Unaware”


Debs: This is a conversation I had with Errol over text. There was another comic planned for today, but he insisted I go ahead and post a Ghibli-related one instead. 😀  Don’t worry, I didn’t give him specifics. Edit: Yes, I also know know know the news is not as bad as originally thought, but I finished the comic before that update was made 🙂

12 Responses to Comic 1012 – “Unaware”

  1. To be fair, the Ghibli news is kind of confusing. First Ghibli was shutting down. Then it was taking a break and “possibly” shutting down. People are arguing about the translation. THE WORLD IS GOING MAD.

    I like the fact that Errol is clearly in a park, which has been denoted by a row of trees.

    • What Kari said.

      And to be fair, as sad as it is, I really have to respect Ghibli for having the courage to just say “Guys, we need a break. And Studio Ghibli won’t last forever”. Star Wars dragged out their franchises too long. Indiana Jones put in an unnecessary sequel. The Hobbit did not need to be three movies. There’s something to be said for knowing when to put in the towel and celebrate your accomplishment.

      • Yes. Except, Calvin and Hobbies bowed out early and that may be part of the reason why we sill love them so much.

        So, Errol knows NOTHING about the Ghibli shutdown thingy yet?
        Oh man. Not good.

      • That’s what Kari and Manda mean. Know when to call it quits, before you get diminishing returns (I’m looking at you Pixar).

      • Ok. I get it. 🙂
        I just thought Kari was saying everybody should have stopped BUT Calvin and Hobbes. 🙂

      • I may as well spill the beans. Errol said on facebook that he does in fact know and I was one of the people to tell him through text. I did it before everyone began thinking about keeping it secret from him. It was pretty funny to text him later about the inevitable “Wait guys! Stop freaking out already!” article

      • SWG: No, I meant that Bill Watterson wisely quit while he was ahead, whereas many newspaper comics are zombies drawn by the great-grandchildren of the original creators.

  2. I’m curious about what Miyazaki will come out of ‘retirement’ to produce for the Ghibli museum! It’ll probably be something that can be watched by visitors in the “Saturn Theater”.
    Has anyone been?