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Comic 1023 – “Old Haunts”


DAE_140818_1023M_OldHaunts-correctedErrol: When we were first starting, we hung out on the corner of Spadina and Bloor a lot. We seemed to have a lot of gigs close by. And we’d do pho, get some icecream, and then just hang there.

This was the first time in a long time that we did this again.

Debs: It had been a really long time since we’d done that and it was oddly comforting given the chaos of ambulances and firetrucks arriving. In case it’s not obvious by now, this kind of thing hits me pretty hard. I know how much depression sucks, and to see all of the pain come out in others is really devastating. When I see it, I tend to take it on and feel it myself.

Errol: Btw, it’s Debs and Ja-Mez’s birthday. I know Debs doesn’t want to make it a huge spectacle, so I didn’t make it into a comic. However, happy birthday! You two are awesome! ^_^

9 Responses to Comic 1023 – “Old Haunts”

  1. I understand Debs! My brother in law unexpectedly passed away last Wednesday so my birthday wasn’t a super happy one either. Hope you have as good a day as you can make it Debs! And Happy Birthday to Ja-Mez as well!