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Comic 1025 – “How Are You?”


Errol: Poor Debs. Sometimes, there are so many things to do and I just start talking and talking…

Debs: Heh. It worked out well last night. Errol stopped by while I was frantically trying to learn how to crochet so that I could get a border done on a blanket for a co-worker who is going on mat leave like…tomorrow. There was a lot of “@#$(%*!!!” going on but he missed most of that. Man…today is going to be weird. I have to find something else to knit now. 

One Response to Comic 1025 – “How Are You?”

  1. Happy very belated birthday, Debs and Ja-Mez!
    (I check this site every day – except for the last three days …)

    “Talking too much” is something I do, too – sometimes. And at other times, I talk too little.