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Comic 1034 – “Busy Weekend Again”


E: I may be the only Doctor Who fan who hasn’t seen the Season 8th premiere. Except for the barista at Fresh & Wild. She said she didn’t see it yet either. So we’ll be alone and outcast forever. She has “Bad Wolf” tattooed on the back of her neck. My friend Lucas, who also works at Fresh & Wild, pointed her out as a fellow geek.

Sometimes I’ll go in and if there isn’t a huge line up, we talk about video games.

By the way, you know what’s hard? Saying “no”. People ask us to play, and we feel bad saying no because I don’t want people thinking that we are snubbing them. However, being in an indie band is just so insanely busy and there’s no working around it. We have to decline.

And I’ve also cut down on going out to things. Tonight, Nerds With Guitars is playing their first big show in a long time, Nerd Noise Night, and I can’t go.

I don’t know how other folk do it with touring and writing music. Wow.

You know what else we’re considering? Doing Patreon. We need to finish up a few things first, but Debs and I are discussing it. I don’t even know if there would be anyone willing, because in all honesty, we’ll still be doing what we’re doing regardless!

What does that mean though? That means this band isn’t going away any time soon. There’s still many comic arcs I want to do, there are still many songs I want to write.

This past summer has been a doozy for Debs & Errol. Heh.

Anyway, how’s life? I know a lot of people are doing Fan Expo this weekend. I’m not. I have all the above and a wack of family staying over at our place. 😀 And my kids are coming home. They’ve been away for a week in Ottawa. That should have been a romantic time with wife, but of course, I was doing band stuff. Heh. My wife is super awesome and supportive. ^_^

One Response to Comic 1034 – “Busy Weekend Again”

  1. Definitely do Patreon!

    The life of an active touring musician is BUSY! I like what Pomplamoose has done (the founder of Patreon is in that band if you didn’t know) with their social media/touring ascendancy. Pretty amazing, but nice long build up.

    You guys are doing awesome. You would be creating and geeking out alone, but we’re so glad you’re doing it together.

    Also, as a fellow Who fan, I haven’t seen the new episodes yet either.
    There are only so many hours in a day and choices have to be made and no has to be said sometimes. 🙂

    Good job, you two.