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Comic 1062 – “Kari Kickstarter!”


Errol: Kari made her Kickstarter!!! HUZZAH! We’re so happy! ^_^

Debs: Yay Kari!! I have obsessively been checking every single day as a really weird morning routine 😀 SO AWESOMEEEEEEEE!!!

Kari: Yep. The project was fully funded by early Monday morning. Errol congratulated me via chat. He did it again on Tuesday. And again on Wednesday. I think he missed Thursday, but Thursday was also when he drew this comic. I’m not sure what’s going to happen after the campaign ends on Friday night. There may be some more woo-hooing. I may have to hide under a large piece of furniture. We may all have to hide under large pieces of furniture. When Errol gets going, no one is safe.

Incidentally, thanks for all the support, guys. I know some of you found the project via this site. Hurrah for links.

Errol: Oh, and as a reminder, this Sunday is Marian Call’s concert in the Distillery District! A bunch of us are going, so you should go to if you’re near Toronto!

10 Responses to Comic 1062 – “Kari Kickstarter!”

  1. Congrats Kari!

    I finally got round to reading WoB recently (as in I started on Wednesday evening and I finished it on Thursday) and I really enjoyed it 🙂

  2. We’re all happy for Kari 🙂

    And woot, Marian Call concert! Take Jayne with you! It’s always good to have Jayne on your side.

  3. I’m happy too! I’ve been looking forward to this since I read through the comic shortly after it ended earlier this year. And like Debs, I checked it every day to see how it was doing. I’m so excited it worked out and can’t wait until the book is done! Plus we are going to get a month of daily It Never Rains comics sometime, so, bonus!

  4. I have a confession- I had Kari’s kickstarter tabbed from the moment I found out it had gone up until it met its goal, so there were days when I was checking three, maybe seven times a day…

    I don’t do things by half measures.

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only crazy person. That’s pretty much what I did the whole stretch until it succeeded too. Maybe not 7 times any day, but a few times throughout the day, every day. I kept wondering if it was skewing a counter for her somewhere, but if it was, I wasn’t the only one skewing it.

      • Heh…very nice, you guys. The only reason I don’t check a gazillion times a day is that Kickstarter sends me an e-mail every time someone pledges, so there’s no point. And no, I don’t think you skewed a counter, or not one I can see, at any rate.