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Comic 1068 – “Scary Video Games”


E: I finished a bunch of stuff last night! Well, a bunch of stuff when it comes to games and shows. We finished a game called The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Very nice game, we enjoyed it a lot.

I also finished the first season of Community finally! Huzzah! And we have the second one to go too.

Could I have been working on NaNoToons? Yes. I will this weekend.

M: It was a pretty good game. Except for that part. There was a mine maze. There was a demon miner hunting us down. Did I stay calm and look for an escape route when I heard him coming? No. I panicked but good. And Errol laughed. And then he went into a coughing fit.

4 Responses to Comic 1068 – “Scary Video Games”

  1. I find video games to be scarier than movies nowadays…which is why I don’t play scary video games anymore lol

    • That’s the thing with scary games…with scary movies, you watch a bunch of people make stupid decisions. With scary games, somehow you have to be the one making those stupid decisions. Which is why I often fail at scary games…I treat them like real life and just run away 😀