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Comic 1070 – “Mags”


Errol: I’ve known Mags Storey for over 20 years. She was first a personal friend, and then a family friend, for a very long time! She and Kari were at my place for Thanksgiving dinner.

Apparently there was an Indiegogo promise to put her in a comic but I forgot about that. I’m so sorry, we try really hard to honour those perks and promises. We do! We’re still trying, in fact! Happy Thanksgiving! ^_^

Kari: This happened last night. Poor Mags did rather have a point. I can’t say anything else about anything because I’m tired and full of turkey and unable to formulate actual thoughts. I should be marking, but I’m not. Take that, marking.

3 Responses to Comic 1070 – “Mags”

  1. You had a webcomic about board game nights, why have I never heard about this until now? Does it still exist, I wonder?