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Comic 1077 – “NaNoToons Again!”


Errol: I got Kari Maaren to help edit NaNoToons this year! I wish I had the foresight to do D&E ahead of time so it could get edits. Wouldn’t that be nice? ^_^

Debs: Editing=awesome 🙂 But that would require you to predict the future.

3 Responses to Comic 1077 – “NaNoToons Again!”

  1. So I read today’s NaNoToon, then I read this directly after. It flowed so nicely. Then I had to go back and look for exclamation points. Though now it occurs to me that it might not have been in reference to today’s comic specifically.

  2. If it’s about yesterday’s NaNoToon, I get 9 exclamation points

    I’m excited to see them all going to the NoWD this year 🙂