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Comic 1079 – “Comic Help”


Manda: Believe it or not, I do have non-anxious moments. They are just never in this comic :D. And yes! If you are in Toronto and have not seen it yet, check out Sidekicks and Secret Identities! It’s been well received so far!

I am sad I could not go to OVFF after all. Mostly because I’m missing out on seeing both Brian and his family AND Kristi and her family! Debs and Errol get to have all the fun! On the plus side…I have Dreamfall Chapters…maybe I’ll talk about them another time :D.


4 Responses to Comic 1079 – “Comic Help”

  1. Ohio is totally the place to be this weekend. People come from all over to see Debs & Errol concerts, you know. I wish you were going to be there too, Manda!