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Comic 1092 – “The Force Awakens”


Debs: I’ve got to admit, I’m a little nervous about the next Star Wars movie. I think because it’s near and dear to me, I’m worried that it might not seem like my Star Wars, you know?

11 Responses to Comic 1092 – “The Force Awakens”

  1. I’ve already been expressing my skepticism about the new star wars stuff- and more than that about the throwing away of all the old canon… in fact, when I started blogging a couple of months ago, that was the first thing I chose to talk about…

  2. Why is it that Debs’ interpretation of Errol’s look seems more realistic? Is it just me?

  3. Downside : You’ve lost Thrawn 🙁

    Still, haven’t we gone through the heartbreak of the prequels? It’s only uphill from here.

    Also, DEBS ART! Debs art is the best thing! 😀

    Thanks for that.

    • We’ve also lost the good bits of Rogue (and Wraith squadron), Kyle Katarn- and the courtship of Princess Leia… I get that Thrawn was perhaps the brightest point the Expanded Universe ever had, but there were other bright points- and I for one worry that the new heights to which Star Wars will rise may not be as great as those it has abandoned.

      • Yeah, I agree, MP. I really liked the evolution of a lot of the old characters. I like what they’ve gone through. And I really fricken love Rogue Squadron.

        [As an aside: I actually just finished a prequel to the Thrawn/Zahn trilogy called Outbound Flight. It’s been a long time since I’ve read one of the novelizations and I found it a little lackluster.]

      • Outbound flight didn’t really resonate for me either- which was a shame because Timothy Zahn can do a lot of amazing things given the chance- but I felt that book suffered from trying to tie too many backstories together without contradicting anything else that was also canon.

  4. As great as some parts of the expanded universe were, there were also some pretty bad ones. Really, Thrawn would have been difficult to pull off anyways since he’s supposed to be about 5 years after ROTJ rather than 25 years after. It’d require a fair amount of reworking for his past. I think I’d be more worried if they did plan to include him.

    I am sad that the EU is being washed away given how many years some of us invested in it (though admittedly I stopped reading after Thrawn’s second appearance when moons were falling on characters and all kinds of weirdness was going on).

    That said, the prequels were a disappointment with problematic canon shifts. So while I am sad to see the EU winked out like Alderaan, I’ve got some hope for these new movies.

    Lucas is not at the helm here and I think that’s a fantastic thing given what he made when he had complete control. Cautiously optimistic are the words I’d use for the new trilogy.

    • I’ve used “cautiously optimistic” a lot myself. Though as you said…we did have disappointing prequels so what I’m afraid will happen pretty much already did. 😛 And g’aaahhhhhhhh! So much time invested in those books!

  5. It seems I’m the only one here who prefers the Prequel Trilogy to the Original Trilogy … Of course the movies are flawed, but the plot is so much more interesting. Especially if you read the novelisations. Matthew Stover’s “Revenge of the Sith” is IMO the best Star Wars thing I’ve ever come across.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the Episode VII. After all, J. J. Abrams has aldready done a Star Wars movie – you know, the one with all the Star Trek names in it … and the story of Captain Anajames Skykirk who couldn’t control his anger …

    And as long as the music is done by John Williams, there will be one good thing about the movie!